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Stand-Alone Solar Street lights vs. Centralised Solar Street Lights


Why are we not seeing this exciting development in our streets today? The answer is simple. Some Stand-Alone Solar Street lights cause more problems than what they solve; in some cases not solving any problems at all.

With the amazing discovery that the sun’s rays could be transformed into electricity, the Solar Industry has evolved into a viable alternative to generating power. The real question is still whether this technology is economically feasible right now or do we wait for technology to evolve further before we decide to take the inevitable plunge. Read the full post »

Current Automation- Awards

It is undeniable that experience is the best teacher. Here at Current Automation, our extensive background within this industry has allowed us to learn the tricks of the trade and in doing so accumulated seventeen years of experience.  Our acquired expertise has not only allowed us to adopt a reputation for ourselves within the field of solar solutions, but it has also collected two international awards, including The Most Successful Victron dealer Award as well as the Pulse Sales Award.

The quality of services offered by Current Automation has set and maintained a certain standard of work ethics that portrays an array of field knowledge and dedication thus promoting a pleasing result regarding the conclusion of any local electronic request.  We are distributors for Victron and Pulse and are extremely pleased with the outcome of our devotion and these awards have undoubtedly motivated us to enhance the quality of our work and strive towards perfection with every endeavour.


The Energy payback for Photovoltaics (PV)

Producing electricity with photovoltaics (PV) emits no pollution, produces no greenhouse gases, and uses no finite fossilfuel resources. The environmental benefits of PV are great. But just as we say that it takes money to make money, it also takes energy to save energy. The term “energy payback” captures this idea. How long does a PV system have to operate to recover the energy—and associated generation of pollution and CO2—that went into making the system, in the first place?

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Energy Production from the sun

Solar energy can be consumed or stored in the public power grid. In Germany the public is given an extra allowance solely for the solar energy one uses up directly in the house, instead of storing it directly into the public power grid.

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Hybrid Power – The best of both

The actual estimation of people who do not have access to the main power network in developing countries is estimated to be in the billions. In such cases, photovoltaïcs, diesel/alternators, co-generation are solutions used to provide local electrical energy, in addition with batteries. Per Watt AC power from an inverter is generally more expensive than a generator. So why would one add an inverter to an AC generator system? Read the full post »

How a PV Solar Electric Installation Works

A photovoltaic installation works by controlling the clean, constant and renewable energy source of the sun and using it to power various types of electrical instruments such as computers and lighting to washing machines, fridges etc. However, it should not be confused with solar thermal which is used to produce hot air or hot water for heating purposes.

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